Food at Wharepuke Menu 2016

Food to Start

Homemade vegetable spring rolls, sweet and sour dipping sauce…… VP – 14

Bread, homemade lavash, local olive oil (First Drop) and dips…… V – 16

Crispy local Halloumi, roasted beetroot, and orange salad, micro herbs VGF – 20

Clevedon valley buffalo mozzarella, local tomato and micro herb salad, basil and macadamia pesto – 22 VGF

Tom yum with prawns or fresh fish SGF – 22

House smoked fish, toasted Ciabatta, red pepper and almond dip, mixed leaves – 22

Warm salad of Hawke’s Bay lamb with a peanut Nham Jim dressing…… GF – 22

Prawn, pineapple, tomato, pickled mango, Thai herbs, and coconut salad, Nam prik dressing SGF – 24

Food to Follow

Baked eggplant Gado Gado, peanut sauce,steamed greens, rice GFVP – 32

Free range Bbq chicken sour curry, eggplant, green peppercorn, basil, steamed Jasmine rice GF – 34

Hawke’s bay lamb rump, pea puree, roasted kumara, balsamic onions, jus GFP – 37

Free range crispy pork belly, kumara mash, broccoli, soy ginger dressing -37

Green Thai curry of fresh fish and prawns, zucchini, eggplant, coriander GFS – 37

Market fish, changes daily, please enquire GF – 38

Duck Curry, lychees, kaffir lime, basil, crispy shallots GF – 39

Aged Angus fillet, Rosemary roasted potatoes, market greens, Paris butter, Jus GF – 40

Please check our specials board for daily specials


Rosemary and garlic roasted kumara – 7

Chunky fries with Aioli – 7

Jasmine rice – 6

Garlic bread – 8

Pandora bread and local olive oil – 8

Mixed salad, micro greens sherry vinegar, local olive oil – 9

Steamed fresh market vegetables – 9

Please inform your waitstaff if you have any allergies before ordering

V = Vegetarian | P = Peanuts | GF = Gluten Free | S = Shrimp

Award winning kaffir lime and lemongrass Panna cotta with Black Doris plums…… GF – 12

Homemade summer berry trifle, custard, sponge fingers, jelly, Vanilla cream – 14

Belgian baked chocolate pot, cream & macadamia biscotti (please allow 15 minutes for cooking) – 14

Kohu Road and Home made ice creams and sorbets…… GF (per scoop) – 7

Affogato, Vanilla Bean ice cream. Biscotti, espresso – 12

add shot of liqueur (Baileys, Kahlua, Cointreau, plus more available 30 mls) – 8

Chocolate Affogato, dark chocolate ice cream, Biscotti, Espresso and a shot of Rosie Rabbit orange liqueur – 20

(Artisian spirit from the Southern Alps Nz)

Wharepuke Cheese selection:

Choose from a selection of local and imported cheeses, served with bread, lavash, fruit paste, fresh fruit.

1 cheese – 14

2 cheeses – 18

3 cheeses – 22

Ports available, please ask: Ruby, Tawny, 10 year old frm 10

Dessert Wines

Alpha Domus Late Harvest Semilion 2010 Hawkes Bay – 9.50G – 35 BT

Pegasus Bay Encore Noble Riesling Waipara 59 BT

After Your Meal

Liqueur coffees : 30 mls of your favourite liqueur with espresso and cream

Irish whiskey, Scotch, Baileys, Frangelico, Amaretto, Sambucca, Cointreau, Tia Maria, Kahlua, Brandy – 14

Cointreau hot chocolate – 14

Sovrano Limocello, Grappa, Single Malt from – 10

Choose from our range of Organico Coffee or Tea Leaf Teas

A variety of cocktails and liqueurs are available. Please ask our waitstaff

Please inform your waitstaff if you have any allergies before ordering

V = Vegetarian | P = Peanuts | GF = Gluten Free

TEA TOTAL LEAF TEA (Sniffing jars available at counter)

Teapot per person Special Breakfast, Earl Grey Special, Moroccan Mint, Energizer, Mango Star, Chinese Jasmine, Grapefruit & Bitter Lemon Japanese Sencha (green), Feng Shui (green) – 4

Chamomile flower tea 4 – 4


Japanese Sencho (Green Tea) – Energizer – Moroccan Mint

Mango Star – Chinese Jasmine – Earl Grey Special

Special Breakfast – Grapefruit & Bitter Lemon – Feng Shui Green Tea

Wharepuke grown Lemon Myrtle and Ginger Tea – 5

Wharepuke grown Fresh Lemongrass/Ginger Tea – 5

and tea of the day.

COFFEE Organico Fairtrade – certified organic

Long Black, Espresso, Macchiato – 3

Flat White, Cappuccino – 4

Latte, Mochachino, large Flat White, Vienna 4.5

Bowl Latte – 6

Extra shot, decaf, Monin syrup (additional) – add .50c

Soy – add .60

Fluffy – 1.5

Hot Chocolate – 4.5

Affogato: Espresso, Homemade Icecream and Biscotti – 10

Irish Coffee: Whiskey, Organico Coffee, Cream – 14

Baileys Coffee: Baileys Irish Cream, Organico Espresso Coffee, Cream – 14

Frangelico Coffee: Frangelico, Organico Espresso Coffee, Cream – 14

Cointreau Hot Chocolate: Cointreau, Topped with Hot Chocolate – 14

Sovrano Limoncello and other Liqueurs (30 mls)

More liqueurs available please ask our waitstaff…

200gm bags of freshly ground coffee beans, in filter/plunger or espresso style – 12.5

200gm bag of whole coffee beans – 12.5

Non alcoholic Refreshers

Kerikeri organic spray free, orange juice – 6

Wharepuke Tropical Mocktail; Orange juice,pineapple, mango, raspberry – 7

Lemonade or soda, lime, bitters – 5.5

Tomato, pineapple, mango juice – 4.5

Sprite, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Soda, Tonic – 4.5

Hakanoa lemon, honey & ginger syrup with soda – 5.5

Phoenix Organic Soft Drinks

Sparkling – 4.5

Cola, Light cola (less sugar), Lemonade, Feijoa, Cranberry & lime, Blood orange, Raspberry fizz

Juices – 4.5

Juicy apple, Mango, apple & passionfruit, Blackcurrant, Guava, Beetroot & ginger

Good Energy Pomegranate – 5.5

Spirulina Fruit Smoothie – 5.5

Ti Tonics Super Iced Teas – 5

Blueberry or Nectarine

Bottled Waters

San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water (750mls) – 9

Otariki Reserve Artesian still 750 mls – 7

Otariki Reserve Artesian sparkling 750 or 300 mls – 8/4.5

Breakfast or Lunch only – all 7

Mango Lassie: mango, organic yoghurt, grated nutmeg

Berry Smoothie: mixed berries, manuka honey, milk

Iced chocolate, coffee, mocha

Soy milk add .5

Ciders and Ginger Beers

Weka Apple or Pear Cider 330mls – 7

Northland Natural Ginger Beer 330 mls – 5.5

Hakanoa Lime and Chilli Ginger Beer 340 mls – 6

New Zealand Craft Beers

Leigh Sawmill Pilsner or Pale Ale 500mls – 14

Monsoon Organic Pilsner 330 mls (Christchurch)- 7.5

Hallertau Schwarzbier 330 mls (Auckland) – 7.5

Wharf Road Wheat Beer 330 mls (Waiheke Island) – 9

Other Beers all – 7

Macs Gold, Steinlager Pure Heineken, Corona, Singha, Amstel Light

Spirits 30mls all – 8

Gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, bourbon and more …

Tell us how you like your drink.

Cocktail of the Evening – 14/16
Liqueurs, Grappa, Port, Cognac, Limoncello from 10

For something to drink after your meal, please ask our friendly waitstaff what we have.

Coffee Organico (Fairtrade and certified organic)

Long Black, Espresso, Macchiato – 3

Flat White, Cappuccino – 4

Latte, Mocha, Hot Chocolate – 4.5

Chai latte (spicy or sweet) – 4.5

Mug of coffee – 5

Bowl Latte – 6

Extra shot, decaf, Monin Syrup – add .5

Soy – add .6

Fluffy – 1.5

Hot Chocolate – 4.5

Chai latte (Hakanoa spicy or sweet or Monin chai syrup) – 4.5

Tea Total Leaf Teas

Teapot per person – 4

Special Breakfast, Earl Grey Special, Moroccan Mint, Energizer, Mango Star, Chinese Jasmine, Grapefruit & Bitter Lemon, Japanese Sencha (green), Feng Shui (green)

Wharepuke Fresh Herbal Teas – 5

Teapot per person, with honey and lemon on the side

Lemon Myrtle leaf and fresh ginger

Lemongrass and fresh ginger


Espresso, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and homemade Biscotti – 10

Add a shot of liqueur on the side – 8

Liqueur Coffees all – 14

Please ask our friendly wait-staff what we have

30 mls of your favourite liqueur topped with espresso and whipped cream served with a chocolate truffle

Cointreau Hot Chocolate – 14

Organico Coffee Beans to go – 12.5

200 gm bags of whole beans or ground for plunger or espresso

Coffee with a conscience
Last orders for alcohol are 9.45 pm
Food to go

Available for pick up between 5pm and 6.45.

Please phone orders through early, 20 – 30 minutes required for cooking.

All dishes are medium spiced, extra chillies available upon request


Vegetable spring rolls with a sweet and sour dipping sauce (3 pc)……P – 8

Free range chicken satay, peanut dipping sauce (3pc)……P – 10

Tom yum with Tiger prawns or fresh fish……GF – 16

Tom yum with free range chicken……GF – 14

Tom ka gai, chicken coconut and galangal soup……GF – 14

Jasmine rice – 5

Steamed Market greens – 7


Thai green free range chicken curry, coriander, and basil……GF – 24

Thai green curry, Tofu and vegetable, coriander and basil……GF – 24

Green fish / prawn curry, Jasmine rice…… S GF – 28

Thai Angus beef stir fry, spring vegetables, soy, chilli sauce – 24

Free range chicken, and basil stir fry, soy, chili, ginger and garlic – 24

Crispy free range pork belly, kumara mash, steamed broccoli, ginger, soy – 28

Fresh Market Fish of the Day (please enquire) – 30

Duck Curry, lychees, kaffir lime, basil, crispy shallots GF – 34

V = Vegetarian | P = Peanuts | GF = Gluten Free S = Shrimp

What is Organico coffee? – It is a 6 bean blend of coffee beans.

Where is the coffee grown? – Indonesia and Guatemala

Is it organic? – Yes, it is certified organic. (No nasty sprays)

Why Food at Wharepuke serve Organico coffee?

Because …….. it tastes really, really great

Because……….you can enjoy an organic product

Because……… we can grind you fresh beans to takeaway

Because……… you can buy fresh beans to take home

Because……….it is another point of difference for Food at Wharepuke and goes along with our philosophy of serving the freshest and healthiest food we can..


7 varieties to choose from – some fruit infused. Sniffing Jars available


The chocolate that is served in your drinks is also organic. We are sure you will taste the difference. Try our Hot or Iced Chocolates.


The farmers who grow the beans get the benefit financially, not the New York brokers and that means so much more money goes into some very poor communities.